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A bit about the company

EZposa and its parent company Send Global Corporation pioneered Retail web based delivery of prepaid wireless and the latest prepaid International dialing services that allow your customers to direct dial from their phones contacts list - This service is called iDirect Dial and is available on both our EZposa PRO and EZposa PLUS retail portals. We have lead the industry by providing innovative products and features that keep you ahead of your customers buying trends. Over the years we have worked closely with Retailers Nationwide and implemented the very procedures and features most important to our affiliates. As a result of this close relationship with our affiliates we provide the easiest to use Interfaces, the fastest sign-up and recharge procedure in the industry, and most importantly, EZposa provides a suite of reporting tools that far exceed industry standards. Many Retailers that switch to EZposa say there isn't even a close second to the service we provide - We plan to keep it that way!

By creating 3-unique platforms with completely unique suppliers we're able to provide our retailers the security of back-up platforms and supply chains as well as the ability to switch between and work from the portal with the features that best fit your needs.

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Mike West - 248-881-7833,
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